Friday, October 22, 2010

Gift from Student

This week has been crazy busy, like every other week... So many things to do before Piglet arrives, and so VERY LITTLE time left.

Thursday I had a moment when I started to think about my forever long "To Do" list. I know I bring the stress on myself, but I want and strive to be the "perfect" mom, wife, teacher, friend, etc... Sometimes I find myself crying at night because of how tired/worn out I am from the day. Brad actually gets mad at me at times because I won't just "sit down and relax".

Needless to say, this week got the best of me. Not only have I been wearing myself out at school, but then I have been coming home and doing the same thing here.

Now, I do NOT do things things because I was appreciation, but because I AM human, it would be nice every once in a while. This week, I definitely have not been feeling like anyone notices/cares about the things I do for others. There hasn't been anything particular where I haven't felt is just I think some people often forget that I AM 9 months pregnant and about to have a baby any day now and even with that, I am STILL running around like my head cut off. I guess to sum everything up, it feels like my thoughts/actions often get overlooked or unnoticed.

God must have known I was at a breaking point this week because he sent a beautiful reminder down to me. As a walked into my classroom today, I found this sitting on my desk...

Inside the note, she wrote, "Thank you for all you do and for putting up with us. :) I couldn't have asked for a better teacher!" So sweet and EXACTLY what I needed!

Not only did it make my day (duh!) but it also made me remember why I became a teacher in the first place. Plus, it made me stop and realize that people DO see all my hard work and I AM appreciated. I may not hear it everyday, but that shouldn't matter. As long as I am the best person/Christian I can be, that is all God wants and expects of me. Thank you God for this reminder. You are amazing!!!


Carla said...

I know there will always been stressful times, but take time to look around...You are doing GREAT Ragan!!

Taylor said...

Great post. Feel that way often myself...appreciating others is something we can all do better. :)

Students are blessings...