Monday, November 15, 2010


Yes...I know it is mid November and I am just now posting about Halloween...better late than never right?

We had a blast this year taking Avery to the festival on Saturday and then going trick-or-treating Sunday night.

Since we got to church a little early for the Trunk-or-Treat, we decided to hang out in the pumpkin patch and take some pictures. :) Here are some of my favorite ones...

After a while, it was time to head over to the parking lot for the Trunk-or-Treat. Avery wasn't quite sure what she was supposed to do at first, but she soon got the hang of it. Doesn't take long for a 2 year old to realize all she has to say is "trick or treat" for someone to give her candy. Haha!

After some dinner, it was time for Avery and all her friends to go trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Again, she had a TON of fun running up to everyone's door and getting candy. She was too cute!

Everything was going just fine, until Uncle Ladd wanted to go to this certain house that had all kinds of decorations. Before the kids started walking up the sidewalk, Brad yelled that we had 2 year olds and to keep it PG rated. Did they listen??? NOPE! This guy not only popped up on STILTS, but he also has a chain saw in his hands. Of course Avery FREAKED out! This is her holding onto Daddy for dear life after be scared by that stupid guy. It took her about 5 more houses before Daddy was able to put her down. In fact, she would go up to a house and say, "This one isn't scary Mommy!" So sad! :(

We had so much fun Halloween weekend. Sorry that I am just now catching up on all my posts. I will try to be better in the future! No promises though! :)

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