Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beginning of Christmas

Every year, we paint Christmas ornaments as a family to begin the holiday season. This year we did it a little later than normal...probably because it has been a little hectic around here with a newborn baby. :)

Avery absolutely LOVES to paint, so naturally she had a blast doing this activity.

Avery's finished masterpiece. :)

After Avery was done painting her ornament, it was time to hang it on the tree with Daddy's help.

Even Daddy and Mommy paint one each year.

Don't think we forgot about Kinley. Since we were making an ornament of her hand print, we had to wait until she was asleep so that she wouldn't move while doing it. Hers turned out really well, but it is still drying and therefore not all the way done. I will take pictures and add Kinley's to the post once it is finished. :)
Now it is beginning to feel like Christmas!

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